Australia is trialling the idea of floating cities. They have three cities, kept afloat by three rubber ducks each. However, these ducks are growing tired of their position and are more frequently deserting their post! They're passionate about pizza, but that won't keep them satisfied for long.

Your duty is to put those ducks back in their place. It's suspected that, should a city sink, the remaining ducks will become distressed. We don't know what's wrong with Decal Duck in the middle, but he's equally as buoyant as the rest of them. It should only take 72 hours to evacuate the city residents, so just keep at it.


Submissions are monitored for legitimacy using military-grade methods. There's no evidence of foul play with the top time of 249 seconds at the time of writing.


Known issues

  • Everything to do with the cursor, I know. Ugh, don't want to resort to software cursors. If you're just playing in windowed mode, Google Chrome doesn't have the same system cursor issue as Firefox does. In full screen they're much the same experience, though.

Development log


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I can't type ! in my name!

Cool music Cool rubber Cool duckling woo-hoo.

Yeah, it only accepts letters and numbers. I should probably widen it a bit.

Nooo!! Time to open kovaaks...

(1 edit)

Cool gameplay idea : ) Might just have to steal that sometime ^_ ^'
sound, but not music was off by default for me. not sure why.

wish a simple text said what to do, even though you figure it out quickly?

I don't know why some ducks are spinning?

Leader board is so cool btw!

This was fun : )

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Yeah, something's broken with the music state.

2nd July edit, because leaving a third reply would be ridiculous:
Names that included S or M had issues because typing them toggled sound and music respectively. At last, it is fixed - now these can only be toggled once the game has actually begun.

Or sound, whatever it was. Currently I can't reproduce any issue with sound/music not defaulting to on (note: it remembers between page refreshes what they were last set to) but I did notice a now-fixed logic error with game over. Each bugfix breaks something new - the joys of programming!

Yeah, it could probably do with providing a hint if the player fails to work out what to do within a few seconds. I think that would be a fair compromise - no-one reads instructions until they need them anyway.

I don't know what's up with the spinning. I wanted to have the ducks on the left facing to the right and the ducks on the right facing to the left, but that leaves the question of what to do with the middle duck. So I figured it could just spin around, as if it also doesn't know which way to face. But I couldn't work out how to change the decal's Z axis (rotating with the cities like the sprites do) without resetting its Y (the 3D spinning) so that's why I settled on letting it freak out whenever Z rotation is due. Somehow, multiplying its Y by 360 avoided it getting reset to 0, but obviously that's not a particularly useful thing to do. Feels like a bug with libGDX, being unable to set more than a single axis, but perhaps I'll have to do more digging for decal examples before moaning where mgsx will see in case I'm doing it wrong.

The leaderboard is recycled from my Unipop game. Was hoping to create a new backend instead of building upon the existing cobbled-together codebase, but time didn't really allow for that. I saw Anthony's Venus Wars also has a leaderboard. The fact it displays the top 5 scores in-game is neat. I wonder if his has any cheat protection? There's only so much you can do on the client side - even if it was uncrackable, someone could just use an autoclicker (in the case of my game) or something. I've only taken a quick look at the games - haven't properly played them all. My jousting skills are weak.

Glad you enjoyed it. There's probably some other game out there that's similar to this one, even if the closest I can think of would be those ones where people are ordering food or whatever and you have to fulfil their orders before they get impatient and leave. My other idea for this jam was based on Nintendo's Manhole but with three or more holes on a single level instead of two holes on two levels each, plus the addition of characters you want to fall down the holes. Didn't get far enough with it to consider how to make it - it couldn't be completely random, as you'd end up in the impossible situation of having to plug two holes at the same time.

I'm in a better mood today now that a bit more time has passed since the jam. I swear they consult a fortune-teller to schedule these things at times that conflict with personal life.