This game is for libGDX Jam 18. The events that unfold within this game are opposite to our own reality, or whatever I have to say to avoid being reprimanded. But, just like in our reality, death is permanent and inevitable! (ignoring afterlifes and reincarnation for simplicity)

You are a pilot who has drunk so much beer that you've begun hallucinating rings in the sky. It's your duty to fly through them! Or into them, rather – they're kinda small. With reckless enough flying, your passengers can effectively experience zero gravity!


Your mouse, touchscreen, touchpad, graphics tablet, telepathy – whatever you've got!

If you want to go full screen, get ready to click the button (bottom-right) while the game is loading, Clicking full screen buttons whilst flying is dangerous!


Should work fine on any up-to-date copy of Chrome or Firefox, or derivatives of those browsers, on PC.

This game is probably compatible with Android smartphones (it lags on mine, but mine is old). Doesn't work properly on iOS because that's iOS.

This is a jam game, and with that comes jam code. If the plane freaks out, you're probably running without vsync. Don't do that.

Behind the scenes

There's not too much going on here. libGDX, Box2D and gdx-video. But I did write some JavaScript to adjust volume etc. on-the-fly, and for looped sound to even work at all on Firefox. The sound department isn't really libGDX's strong suit.


This game is not authored or sponsored by libGDX, or raeleus for that matter. Hope they don't mind.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorJames / Java Cake Games
Made withGIMP, Inkscape, Audacity, libGDX
Tags2D, Flying, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsMouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly


Asset sources 599 bytes


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I crashed... Now I'm in the after life. Hello World...


Simple and fun!  


Wow those sounds ;o

Concept is absolutely phenomenal, extremely high effort entry!


Hah, I love this. I imagine all us Jammers on board, on our way to the next Theme announcement. Boom!


That zebra pilot :D and those passengers. They calm down when going up, scream when trying to get coins which are almost at zero level on the sea. And that joke about attitude of the plane (unity) really make me laugh.

thanks for the fun :)


Another great James / Java Cakes entry. The screams of the doomed passengers still reverberate in my head but a jolly good time was had.