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This was created for libGDX Jam 15 - "The Player is Asleep". In this "game" (more like "screensaver") the objective is to get as high a score as possible before you fall asleep, in real life. Every 10th thonk is a special stolen thonk, which should help you keep track if you're starting to doze off.

This game was featured in Raeleus' libGDX Jam December 2020 Review.


F11 / FFull screen
Scroll wheel / numerical keys rowAdjust brightness
ASet alarm

Checklist if using as an alarm

• Disconnect from the internet if using Windows to avoid forced automatic updates.
• Set your volume to an appropriate level.
• Ensure the sound is actually coming through speakers and not headphones or something.
• Check that no software on your computer is going to be making noises.

System requirements

GPUOpenGL ES 2.0 with 2048 texture size
Everything elsePure potato


HearingNot required unless you want the alarm to actually wake you up
MotorKeyboard input required for some features; doesn't require multiple keys pressed at once or quickly
CognitiveApp concept is very simple but alarm interface could be more intuitive
EpilepsyNo flashing or patterns

Version history

1.0 (27 Dec '20)Initial release


Counting Thonks 1.0 (Java 8) 4 MB
Counting Thonks 1.0 (Windows x64) 36 MB
Counting Thonks 1.0 (Linux x64) 40 MB
Bonus: High quality and unused sounds 111 kB

Install instructions

No web build because things don't work in it and I don't have all the time in the world here.

Download the applicable file for your operating system. 32-bit and ARM users will have to use the JAR and pray that it works, which is incompatible with some new Java versions but is apparently fine with Mr Zebra's.


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I love it, please make more games